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Yup Account:

Why hasn't my account been approved?
Your account can take up to 72 hours to be approved.
How do I reset my password?
Unfortunately, you cannot reset your password. However you can create a new account using another email or Twitter account and we will approve you ASAP!
I have been approved but I can't login. What should I do?
If you sign up with your email on yup.io and receive approval that only means that your email has been approved not that your account has been created. To create your account, download the Yup extension and use your approved email to sign up. Feel free to contact us if you're still having trouble!
Why am I getting a message that says email not found?
If you have signed up on yup.io and been approved, your email has been approved but you still need to create an account w/ that email to finalize sign-up. Try signing up on the extension rather than logging in.
Can I unlink my Twitter account?
You can unlink your Twitter account by opening your Twitter web app and clicking settings --> security & account access --> apps & sessions --> connected apps --> yup.io --> revoke access. However, once a Twitter account is linked to a Yup account, you can't make a second account and link it to that same Twitter account.

Still having issues with sign-up?

Fill out the type form with your specific problem and our support team will help you out: https://yupio.typeform.com/to/vfh210N0

YUP Token:

Where can I buy/swap/trade YUP tokens?
How do I earn YUP?
You earn YUP when others rate the same content after you. Keep in mind that rewards are distributed ~ every 12 hours so you won't receive your YUP right away. Check out —> yup.io.
Is YUP an ERC-20 token?
You can convert it into an ERC-20 token using the Yup bridge on yup.finance.
How is YUP distributed?
50% for creators/curators
23% for liquidity providers
22% for team/ecosystem
5% for operational treasury
What is the YUP emissions schedule?
Phase 1 • 1 Year: Daily emissions of 1.25% the total supply of YUP.
Phase 2 • 2.88 Years: Daily emissions decrease by 100 YUP each day.
Phase 3 • indefinitely: Daily emissions of 10,000 YUP.


How do the YUP Bridges work?
The YUP bridge converts YUP tokens (and YUPETH tokens) to ERC-20 tokens and back.
How do I swap my YUP to ETH?
In order to get your YUP onto Ethereum. You first need to send the YUP you have in the extension to an Ethereum wallet. To do so, click Extension --> Menu --> Wallet --> Send to Crypto Address, and then put in your Ethereum wallet address in the memo field. Then connect your wallet to Uniswap and exchange your YUP for Eth.
What is YUPETH?
YUPETH represents YUP-ETH LP tokens on EOS. You receive your UNI v2 LP token from adding liquidity to the YUP-ETH pool on Uniswap, and when you bridge it over to EOS it is converted into the YUPETH token. You can stake the YUPETH token in Yup.finance to liquidity mine YUP.
What/How do I stake on Yup Racing?
You stake YUP ETH Uniswap LP's. To begin staking, bridge your YUP tokens using the Yup Extension or the EOS <> Eth bridge. Then add YUP and ETH in the YUP ETH liquidity pool. Finally, take your LP token and bridge it back to EOS stake it in Yup Racing and off you go! Check out these tutorials for a step-by-step breakdown.
Yup Racing Video Tutorial:
Yup Racing Article Tutorial:


Why is ____ not working? Please report any bugs you find to yup.canny.io so the Yup team can resolve the issue asap.
Bug report already on Canny:
Why is ____ not working?
If someone has already reported your issue on Canny, upvote it to help our team prioritize the issue!

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