Yup Account:

Why hasn't my account been approved?

Your account can take up to 72 hours to be approved.

How do I reset my password?

Unfortunately, you cannot reset your password. However, you can create a new account using another email or wallet and we will approve you ASAP!

I've been approved, but I can't login. What should I do?

If you sign up with your email on yup.io and receive approval, that only means your email has been approved. It does not mean that your account has been created. Please contact us if you're still having trouble!

Still having issues with sign-up?

Describe the issue in the #Bugs channel of the Yup Discord with your specific problem and our support team will help you out: https://discord.com/invite/HnaTAXK

YUP Token:

Where can I buy/swap/trade YUP tokens?

You can buy/swap/trade YUP on Uniswap using the Base network.

How do I earn YUP?

You earn YUP when others rate the same content as you or rate content you created. Keep in mind that rewards are distributed approximately every 24 hours, so you won't receive YUP instantly. You can see when rewards will be distributed next in the Yup Extension.

Is YUP an ERC-20 token?

It is not, however you can convert YUP into an ERC-20 token using the Yup bridge on yup.finance.

How is YUP distributed?

50% for creators/curators

23% for liquidity providers

22% for team/ecosystem

5% for operational treasury

What is the YUP emissions schedule?

Phase 1 β€’ 1 Year: Daily emissions of 1.25% the total supply of YUP.

Phase 2 β€’ 2.88 Years: Daily emissions decrease by 100 YUP each day.

Phase 3 β€’ indefinitely: Daily emissions of 10,000 YUP.


How do the YUP Bridges work?

The YUP bridge converts YUP tokens (and YUPETH tokens) to ERC-20 tokens and back.

How do I swap my YUP to ETH?

In order to get your YUP onto Ethereum, you must first send your YUP from the Yup Extension to an Ethereum wallet. To do so: click "Extension" --> "Menu" --> "Wallet" --> "Send to Crypto Address." Enter your Ethereum wallet address in the memo field. Then connect your wallet to Uniswap and exchange your YUP for ETH.

What is YUP-ETH?

YUP-ETH represents YUP-ETH liquidity pool (LP) tokens. To maximize flexibility in depositing, withdrawing, and providing liquidity for YUP, we've opened a YUP-ETH liquidity pool on Base.

How do I stake on YUP?

Visit app.yup.io/staking to begin staking YUP-ETH and earning LP rewards. For detailed instructions, read our tutorial here.


Why is ____ not working?

Please report any bugs you find to yup.canny.io, and the Yup team will resolve the issue ASAP.

If someone has already reported your issue on Canny, upvote it to help our team prioritize the issue!

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