YUP Rewards

How to earn YUP

Users can make money by receiving YUP tokens as rewards for curating and/or providing liquidity.

Create or Curate to Earn

The Yup protocol determines the monetary value of each post/link and vote (like) tied to that post/link based on each voter's influence. For example, if 100 YUP is being distributed in 1 hour and your like's value makes up 5% of all vote value in that 1 hour, your like is worth 5 YUP. Yup then rewards that money to all previous users who liked the same as you AND rewards the creator of the content.

Vote Value (likes)

When content is liked, approximately 50% of rewards are given to its creator (if one exists). The rest is split between previous raters in proportion to their influence.

The Process

  1. Alice creates content (a post, for example)

  2. Bob likes the content.

  3. Then Carol also likes the same content.

  4. Alice receives the token value of Bob's like.

  5. Alice and Bob share in the token value of Carol's like.

  6. And so on! The more likes that agree with you, the more you earn.

Not every opinion earns rewards. Your opinion doesn’t make you money simply because you expressed it. It’s only worth something if others agree. If nobody rates the same as you, it means you’re late or your opinion is unpopular, so it does not merit rewards.

Measuring Influence

Your influence (IN) is a measure of social value on Yup. Influence is calculated from your YUP token holdings and rewards previously received. As the Yup Protocol evolves, additional factors will affect your influence score.

Liquidity Providing


Liquidity Rewards

Staking rewards will be given out to the YUP-ETH pair on Base Uniswap V3. You don’t need to stake LP tokens, as long as you’re providing liquidity to the right pair. You can claim your rewards here.

How to Bridge

Users can use Squid V2 (Axelar) for instant bridging.

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