Yup Score

On-chain reputation is extremely valuable, but hard to measure. Currently, protocols, DAOs, and individuals have no universal signal to understand a user's social value. This leads to bot activity, high-friction onboarding, and lack of clarity for individuals about their impact. We need an easy to use, universal standard of uniqueness for addresses that provides sybil resistance and an accurate measurement of social value.

The Yup Score provides a reputation metric for every EVM/Ethereum address by aggregating their on-chain actions and ranking them between 1-100. The weight of each action is determined by its social value.

More information coming soon.


Each adapter calculates a score based on an accounts onchain activity. Adapter scores are weighted and summed to generate the final Yup score.



retrieves ENS domains held

Ethereum Balance

retrieves Ethereum balance

Polygon Balance

retrieves Polygon balance

Ethereum NFTs

retrieves Ethereum NFTs held

Gnosis NFTs

retrieves Gnosis (xDai) NFTs held

Polygon NFTs

retrieves Polygon NFTs held

Ethereum Activity

retrieves Ethereum tx count and account age

Recent Polygon Transfers

retrieves recent transfers on Polygon and finds related addresses

Recent Ethereum Transfers

retrieves recent transfers on Ethereum and finds related addresses

Ethereum ERC20 Tokens

retrieves ERC20 tokens held


retrieves snapshot vote count

Proof of Humanity (PoH)

retrieves PoH status

Score API

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