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Getting Started

Welcome to the Yup docs!


Yup is a network that rewards you for good opinions. It creates a social consensus layer for the Internet, accurately representing the social value of anything, from random Tweets to rare NFTs. It does this through the Yup Protocol, a decentralized, semi-autonomous social consensus protocol. The Yup Protocol determines the social value of content and rewards users for creating and curating it. (Learn More)
The best way to use Yup is the Yup Web Extension, a browser plug-in that allows you to curate any website or piece of content. It also stores your YUP tokens and displays the social value of everything in our color-coded scheme. (Learn More)

Simple Start

Start by signing in with Twitter on the Yup site
Congratulations! 🎉 You’re now earning money and clout based on your Twitter activity.
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