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Yup is transforming the landscape of social interaction by integrating the essence of decentralized social platforms into a singular, innovative experience. With its groundbreaking release on mobile platforms, Yup now stands as a pivotal open social aggregator, seamlessly connecting users across Twitter, Farcaster, Bluesky, Lens,, and more through one beautiful interface.

Yup is not just about browsing multiple social platforms; it's about redefining your digital social life. By leveraging the Yup Protocol, a decentralized and semi-autonomous social consensus protocol, Yup evaluates the social value of a wide array of content, from casual tweets to the rarest NFTs. This protocol rewards users for their contributions to the social ecosystem, whether through creating or curating content.

Simple Start with Yup Mobile or Web App

  1. Download and Install Yup: Begin by downloading Yup from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android, or from the Web/Desktop App. This is your gateway to a unified social media experience.

  2. Sign In: Upon installation, sign in through your preferred platform among Farcaster, Bluesky, Lens, and Twitter. Yup's integration allows for a seamless sign-in process, ushering you into a world where your social interactions are interconnected.

  3. Discover and Engage: Explore each platform without the hassle of switching apps. Yup's intuitive interface allows you to discover, post, and engage with content across multiple platforms effortlessly.

  4. Curate and Earn: With Yup, your opinions and curation efforts are valued. Engage with content across the aggregated platforms, and the Yup Protocol will reward you for the value you add to the social consensus layer.

  5. Customize Your Experience: Dive into Yup's settings to customize your feeds, prioritize content, manage notifications, and explore crossposting options. Tailor your social media journey to suit your preferences.

  6. Enjoy the Revolution: Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ You're now part of the open social revolution, navigating the digital world with ease, earning rewards for your contributions, and enjoying a decentralized, interconnected social experience.

Yup Protocol

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