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Yup believes that the future is cross-platform and cross-chain. Ethereum has the liquidity and fiat gateways that the Yup Protocol requires, but not the scalability it needs. EOS is fast, cheap, and dev friendly, but it lacks the financial network effects for seamless monetization. For these reasons, the Yup Protocol and YUP token are launching on 'both' Ethereum and EOS. Liquidity will primarily exist on Ethereum; Liquidity providers farm YUP yield with their YUPETH Uniswap LP Tokens by staking and bridging them to the EOS smart contract. On EOS, Influence is measured and YUP tokens are distributed.
Together, the two chains provide the necessary infrastructure for the Yup Protocol to function at scale. This is the first of its kind. We have yet to see a launch of a token that is dependent on two separate public layer 1s for different aspects of its protocol. The Yup Protocol leverages an implementation of the DAPP Network ETH-EOS Bridge. This is the first mainnet implementation of the bridge, and will be used to link YUP and its LP token between chains. Multiple nodes from reputable organizations run this bridge (more info soon). In this CoinTelegraph article, we talk a little bit about our feelings towards tribalism or loyalty to a specific layer 1.
More info coming soon.
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