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The Feed is a culmination of the internet’s best content curated to fit a mood or topic. It includes embedded media such as tweets, YouTube videos, SoundCloud songs, Subreddits, and many more. Currently, there are 5 feeds that you can choose from. Soon users will be able to customize their feeds based on accounts, circles, or topics.
From the feed, you can check out your profile and the profiles of other users. You can edit your image, full name, and bio by clicking on EDIT PROFILE when visiting your profile.


Lists aggregate Yupster's opinions into rankings to help you find the best of what’s been rated on Yup. Find the smartest people on Twitter, the funniest Reddit posts, the most knowledgeable professors, and more flipping through our lists. Lists are totally public––you don’t need a Yup account to use it! Filter by site, subject, and category to find what you’re looking for.
Advanced Lists are weighed by each category separately and distinctly. That means that the usage and influence being spent in a category determines its relevance on lists.
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