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Understanding the rating system


Yup allows you to like the social value of all content, and earn money and influence for your opinions. You can like content on any website with the Yup Extension or app.

How do likes work?

Yup lets you like content on a simple "thumbs up / thumbs down" system. If you really like something, you can hit thumbs up twice or three times for a stronger rating. Likewise, if you really dislike something, you can hit thumbs down multiple times.
The numbers next to each button represent the 'weighted like count', aka the number of people that liked that piece of content, either positive or negative, weighted by their Yup Influence.

Using the Extension

Like any webpage simply by clicking the Yup Extension in your browser. The thumb buttons will record your rating in the protocol.

Rating on overlaid sites

Certain websites are integrated directly with Yup. Use the embedded Yup buttons to curate content on Twitter, YouTube, Open Sea, and more.
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